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Lets Take a Closer Look

Below are a few case studies that take an in-depth look at the process and results of the videos we've created for our clients. We describe our client's objectives, our solution, production details, and the results.

Marchant's Promtional Video Production


"School Wear Website Launch"

Marchant’s approached us for assistance promoting an innovative program they were rolling out: It was a new offering designed to make it easier for institutions to implement spirit wear programs in their schools. 

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Osgoode PCV v2.0.jpg
Osgoode Interview Educational Video Production


"Piercing the Corporate Veil"

Osgoode Hall Law School has an impressive history of scholarship and  persistently puts this research into action resulting in public policy changes, and benefits to the local and broader community.

One example of this ongoing effort was a two-day conference called Piercing the Corporate Veil.

Raiders E Sports Video Production

Raiders E-Sports

"Introducing Raiders"

Raiders opened their doors in 2016. At that time, the e-sports community in Toronto was not used to meeting in a physical space. People organizing local e-sports events were treading new ground and booking physical events required a small leap of faith.

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Head over to our Portfolio to watch our collection of videos. 

Want to learn more about another one of our projects? No problem! We are more than happy to provide greater insight into any one of our projects listed in our Portfolio - feel free to ask!

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