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We're Here to Make This
Easy for You

We believe producing a great video is an exciting, low-stress, and fun process. We offer full-service video production from creative brainstorming through the video launch. With good preparation, we ensure that our clients receive a smooth and personalized experience as we move through the four stages of creating your video. 


First we work with your team to make sure we understand your business, clients, and challenges.

We then develop a unique strategy that outlines what will be seen & heard, the objectives, target audience, and key messaging.


Success is 90% preparation. That’s why pre-production is so important.  This stage may involved script writing, storyboarding, location scouting, casting talent, scheduling, and anything else that may be needed to ensure a successful production


Whether on-location or in-studio, our team of creative professionals work with you to capture key moments and content needed for your story


We edit your footage, handle the colour grading, graphics, music licensing, and everything else needed to bring your video to life.

After we receive final approval, we deliver the video(s) in the formats you need and help you distribute them.

What We Do

Whether you need a video created from concept to completion, or help with specific areas of production, we're here to help make this process easy.

What We Do


  • Art direction

  • Concept development

  • Creative strategy

  • Directing

  • Scriptwriting

  • Storyboarding

Video Production

  • Drone videography

  • Multi-camera productions

  • On-location production 

  • Studio production

  • Time-lapse video

  • Voiceover capture


  • Audio mix & master

  • Captioning

  • Colour grading

  • Editing

  • Music editing

  • VFX & graphics

Project Management

  • Budgeting

  • Casting

  • Delivery strategy

  • Marketing brief development

  • Sourcing & licensing

Let's chat about your next project.

  • I don't see the type of video we want to make; can you help?
    Of course! Chances are we've done something similar to what you are envisioning, or know how to do it. Send us a message so we can send specific examples of our work and suggest ways to meet your objectives.
  • How much does a video cost to make?
    The short answer is: it varies. This is because all projects have unique components and time commitments. The best way to provide an accurate estimate is with a brief conversation about the project. With this we can create a free proposal and estimate to outline our suggested approach and the associated costs for that approach. We invite you to connect with us to get started.
  • How long does a video typically take to make?
    A full scale, customized video typically takes 4-6 weeks to create. Of course, this is dependent on the type of project. Need something sooner? Let us know and we'll work with you to find a solution that fits your timeline!
  • What is my job in a video production project?
    We strive to make this process as stress-free as possible, which means you can be involved as little or as much as you want. During pre-production we work with you to ensure that we are aligned with your vision and objectives. From there we provide updates of our progress as we move towards production. On set, we often like to have you or the subject matter expert nearby to provide content expertise and clarification. This is dependent on the project — sometimes it is required and other times it is up to your discretion. In every scenario, you’re welcome to join and we’ll be glad to have you with us. People tend to find it to be a nice break for their daily responsibilities and a really fun experience. During post-production, we provide you with multiple drafts of the video with opportunities for you and your team to provide feedback. We make sure that your final video it is everything you wanted! TL;DR - We're here to make your life easier. We'll keep you updated throughout the project and you are welcome to be completely hands-off or hands-on!
  • What is the service area for k+g creative media?
    There are no inherent limits to our service area. Our office is located in Toronto, Canada so most of our videos are produced in the GTA and surrounding area, but we have experience with national and international projects as well. We also have experience working entirely remotely for some of our large international projects (which can result in large savings). Depending on your location and specific needs we can work with you to determine if we are a good fit to deliver the video you want within the budget you have. If not, we’ll be happy to provide alternate suggestions.
  • My manager/co-worker/client is nervous about being on camera... can you help make them comfortable?
    YES! We specialize in helping nervous people, as well as people without prior media experience, to feel comfortable and look professional in front of a camera. In fact, many of the people seen in our portfolio videos started out nervous or had no prior media experience before working with us. We provide a relaxed environment, and create a positive atmosphere so all contributors feel comfortable. It’s an essential component of our method, and a key contributor to the success of your video.
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