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Osgoode Hall Law School is one of Canada’s largest, oldest and most distinguished law schools. They have an impressive history of scholarship and continue to be regarded as one of the world’s top law faculties for excellence in research. Osgoode persistently puts this research into action resulting in public policy changes, and benefits to the local and broader community.

One example of this ongoing effort was a two-day conference called Piercing the Corporate Veil. The conference aimed to critically explore a variety of methods across jurisdictions and disciplines for advancing formal multinational corporation accountability that would impact, advance, and entrench formal and informal global citizenship values and corporate norms – all contributing to better governance.


Osgoode’s primary concern was the research and exchange of ideas resulting from this important conference. While these field experts were brought together in one location, Osgoode was interested in capturing and communicating the essence of the event to alum and the broader public. Many of the panelists had very tight schedules. In addition to their panelist obligations, they were interested in observing the other sessions as audience members — their time was very limited. The conference was also covering a very complex topic presented from numerous perspectives. This was a challenge as the video was intended to inform and engage people with no background in the field.

Business: Retail / Athletics


We found it very important to appreciate and respect our roll in the larger picture. We needed to focus on being flexible and working around the schedule of the conference and its panelists. Instead of attempting to compress all of the filming into one day, we decided to scout for a secure location that would be available to for a two-day stretch. We turned the space into a temporary studio which was set to record at a moment’s notice in order to maximize any interviewees’ time. We worked closely with our contact at Osgoode (Anita Herrmann the Director of External Relations and Communications) and received a list of interview subjects, a tentative schedule, and starter questions for each subject based on their field/perspective.

From there we worked organically to follow the flow of the event and capture all the necessary people and elements to create a compelling story. If there was a bit of unused time, we would capture footage from the event itself (B-roll). Our interviewing expertise includes working with people who have never been recorded before, and we are adapt at capturing excellent sound bites. As we gather interview footage, we tailor subsequent questions to help develop a narrative before we get to the edit room.


Osgoode has expressed praise and appreciation for our assistance, describing us as a “valued communication partner” in their efforts. Since this project, we’ve been asked to assist in several other due to our ability to “translate complex academic topics into engaging and thought-provoking videos”. Our videos have been well received by conference organizers and audience alike. 

Anita continues to be an excellent partner, and one of our favourite clients to date. When we asked for a testimonial we were particularly touched when she reciprocated with the statement “I cannot think of a company I would rather work with”. 

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"k+g creative media has proven time and again that they are a valued communications partner. They are able to translate complex academic topics into engaging and thought-provoking videos. They come to the shoot prepared, having thoroughly reviewed and understood the material. I cannot think of a company I would rather work with."

Anita Herrmann

Director, External Relations & Communications

Osgoode Hall Law School

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