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Demo Reel Form

We pride ourselves on creating Demo Reels that capture what you can bring to a project. Your Demo Reel should be professional, fluid, and has what Casting Directors are looking. We're here to help make that happen.

Please fill out the quick form form below so we can understand what you are hoping to achieve and how we can help. 

Please note, our services are for established actors with multiple roles in films, broadcast, or series. Our preference is that these roles are Lead, Principal, Supporting, Regular, or Recurring. We are open to other options if they are a strong performance in a professional production (e.g. a great performance in a short film that hit major festivals).

Unfortunately we cannot work with performances from music videos, commercials, self-tapes, scenes from a workshop, etc. We also do not offer filming services for demo reels. 

Why are you interested in getting a new Demo Reel?

After submitting the form we will provide you steps on uploading you footage, if applicable. For now we just want to get a sense of what the process will be for selecting your scenes and acquiring the needed footage. 

How many projects will you be using for your Demo Reel?
Do you have access to the footage for your Demo Reel?

Thanks for taking the time to complete this form. After submitting you will be sent an email with a link to book a quick consult meeting with us. Here we will discuss your Demo Reel goals and next steps.


Our Demo Reel Consult is free. Afterwards our chat  will provide you with an estimate to edit your reel. The amount of time your Demo Reel requires will depend on several factors including amount of footage, if it is a brand new Demo Reel or just an update, if we need to capture the footage, etc. We accept Credit Card, e-transfer, or bank transfers as payment. 

All of this will be reviewed during our chat. We're very upfront with the process so there are no surprises!

Thanks for submitting! You should receive an email with the next steps shortly.

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